Trade show boothsHow to select impressive Trade Show Booth?

If you’re searching for impressive trade show booths, you’re definitely on the right track to trade show success. These types of booths are designed to showcase everything that is special about your company, such as your premium goods and services, while also offering visitors access to functional elements which make it easier to learn about your firm.

Examples of trade show booth components include towers, audio-visual stands and signage. However, there are plenty more. The best way to find what you need is to choose a company which offers a range of components. You will be able to select from package deals, which typically cost in the thousands of dollars, or choose separate components in order to customize the visual impact of your setup according to your own specifications.

Check Out Companies Before You Buy

Before signing on to buy products from a specific firm, be sure to check the company out carefully online. By doing so, you’ll be able to ensure that you are accessing top quality. The best way to check out companies is to see what other entrepreneurs have to say about them.  So, do seek out company reviews online.

You should be able to find these on the official Facebook pages of trade show booth supply firms, and they may be available elsewhere, as well. By learning what other customers have to say about particular firms, you’ll be primed to choose a company which earns rave reviews from real-life clients.

You deserve the best quality. Look for plastic or heavy cardboard components, so as to ensure that your pieces have the durability that you want. Each piece should be built to last. Be sure to ask lots of questions before you move forward with a sale. For example, ask how long pieces may be expected to last, whether they may be ordered in a range of sizes and whether or not it’s possible to order full-color graphics for pieces. With any luck, you’ll be able to find a firm which provides the exact options that you want.

Order Online for Total Convenience

In order to enjoy tons of convenience, be sure to order online. Most companies do provide this modern option to their valued clientele. By choosing a firm which offers online ordering, you’ll be able to get the pieces that you need without visiting a bricks-and-mortar retail outlet. Once your pieces have arrived, you’ll be primed to enjoy an exceptional trade show booth setup which highlights the attributes of your company. So, why not order today?

Trade Show Booth Design

Trade show booth designAs a serious trade show seller, you need to pay attention to trade show booth design so that you can establish your brand and maximize sales. Many display options exist, from portable displays and modular inline exhibits to professionally installed custom island exhibits. You can start small or dream big and go all in from the start.

How to choose a trade show booth design can be narrowed down by many factors, including the following ones:

  • Selling inside or outside – Items sold in high-rent, climate-controlled indoor spaces are usually new, expensive, heavy items. Items sold outside are commonly second-hand, inexpensive items.
  • Traffic volume expected – Minimize theft and plan for heavy traffic.
  • Demand expected – You need recoup the cost of booth rent.
  • The weather – Extreme weather keeps people away or drives traffic indoors.
  • Holidays – Holiday shopping is October through December.
  • Your budget

Traditional hanging horizontal trade show booth banners catch the eyes of people from a distance and over the heads of people. Banners made with UV resistant vinyl graphic material can also come as vertical ones on weighted stands. UV resistant sidewalk signs can be filled with sand to weigh them down.

You can usually rent tables if you don’t have your own tables or any kind of trade show booth furniture. This would lessen the number of things you would have to haul across the country if you regularly sell at larger shows. Long-term trade show sellers who have a large budget would find counters, displays with case-n-counters, kiosks, and/or islands to be suitable sales-aid furniture pieces.

Even trade show booth flooring can be used to direct traffic to your booth. Floor graphics stick to concrete, asphalt, and ceramic tile, as well as column and wall surfaces. Simply peel them back off when you leave.

Several small details should be considered when you consider your booth design. Put large wall systems, large and/or backlit signs or large hanging banners on the back wall and shorter items in the front. Your tabletop or counter displays should not block your view of products that customers have access to, and your cash box should not be accessible to the public. Seasoned vendors know that the public will be more prone to look at products on tables or counters that are placed at the edge of the booth area, especially if using an outdoor canopy.

Custom trade show booths

Custom trade show booths can make an outstanding impression on customers attending such an exhibition. Today there are a number of commercial companies that prepare trade show displays on order. This means that it is possible for you to use any color, printing and different items to meet your requirements. A properly constructed booth will not only attract customers but offer the opportunity to present what you are displaying and make sales.

The best trade show booths will be colorful and have contents attractively arranged. They will catch the eye of the passerby and bring more traffic to the display. This will provide you with the opportunity to pass out brochures and explain the advantages of the product being presented. Having a box offering a prize is always an attraction. People fill out a slip with their name and phone number and deposit it in the box for a later drawing. This provides the opportunity for a friendly discussion regarding your presentation.

A custom trade show booth cost involves the type of display you want to present, the size of the booth and if it is a onetime venture or you are going to have another booth at a later date. There are many different locations on the Internet that offer colorful displays, printed to order, at a reasonable price. For example:

  • Retractable banner stands $300 to $700
  • Flags $30 and up
  • Retractable pull up banners $300-$400
  • Stands $35 and up
  • Metal Frames $100 to $250
  • Table covers $55 and up
  • Signs $50 and up

These come with your color and logo which will make your booth stand out. The majority of larger items come with a carrying case, which makes it convenient to set up and take down your booth.

Trade show booth ideas attract visitors and offer the opportunity to present attractive floor, table top, wall mount and other types of displays. Choosing attractive colors and arrangements will catch their eye and encourage them to ask questions regarding the display. Having some type of an inexpensive handout is also a booth attraction.

When attending a trade show you will notice that custom trade show booths that attract customers have something that will catch their attention. This makes it important, when designing a booth, to consider the size available, the background and display you are going to present. Bright colors, attractive displays, coordinating table covers and table skirt all offer the opportunity to be one of the best booths in the show.