Pop up displayTrade shows are a great way to get your message across to new customers and introduce your products and services to the world. You’ll want to make sure all your booth looks great from every angle. One of the best ways to do this is with the use of a pop up display. These displays are designed to help those attending show off their company well. A good pop up is one that catches the eye immediately and keeps it there.

Your Display

You might be wondering what is pop up display. Pop up display is a representation of your products that has been specifically designed for us in trade shows. Each one typically includes a backdrop as well as place for you to display what you’re selling. Some are very small with only a few details. You should have one that makes you feel comfortable standing in front of it.

Using Fabric

A key element of any display is fabric. A fabric pop up display is one that, as the name implies, incorporates fabric. Fabric is useful in conveying emotion and helping any space stand out from the crowd. When deciding on fabric, color is vitally important. You want colors that call to mind the emotion that you want your viewers to feel. Some people want to have bright colors that help get noticed instantly. Colors like orange and purple can really stand out to anyone passing by. More muted colors can also work if you want to keep the focus on the product you are selling instead.

Pop up displayOther Details

Other details are also important. You want to have a pop up display stand that can help you demonstrate how effective you products are to others. The display stand should offer people the chance to see and feel the things you are selling. This is your chance to show off your items well. A good display stand should make it easy for your potential customers to get close to your products and feel comfortable as you speak about them.

Picking One Out

You may be wondering how to choose effective pop up display. Choosing needs to focused on your needs. If you attend a lot of trade shows, you’ll want a durable display that you can take with you everywhere you go. A good display should also be one that allows you to customize it to your tastes and then redo it if necessary. Any display should also be easy to use and easy to set up. Look for displays that allow you set one up quickly and then take it down even more quickly.

Putting it Together

Ultimately, it all has to work for you. A pop up display needs to be something that will help demonstrate to anyone why they should buy your products or services. Look for great designs that you can use to create a display that capture attention and keep it there. You’ll feel much more confident when you are attending a trade show.

Tabletop Pop Up Display

Tabletop Pop Up DisplayWhether you are displaying at a fair, trade show or a retail store, offering merchandise or information, there is nothing more effective than a table top popup display. These effective displays are available in all sizes and models and come with a variety of frames. Another attractive feature is that, as a rule, they are lightweight and easy to transport, setup and take down.


For those who are unfamiliar, there is the question “What is tabletop pop up display?”. The purpose of this type of display is to show what you are trying to present in a clear and attractive manner. It is presented on a table, that is appropriate to the size of the display, and designed to catch the eye of a passerby to get them to stop for more information. One type is a ‘briefcase’ display. This type of display folds into a large case and is easy to remove and transport.


Tabletop pop up display stands are presented with and without frames. However, they require some type of structure to assure that the display remains in an upright position. This type of display can be ordered with a variety of acrylic, aluminum or light wood frames which allow them to remain secure and not slide or tip over. They are also available in a wide variety of shapes and materials. Many have a blow molded double wall reinforced polyethylene panel and panels with Velcro fabric.


Table pop up display cases are especially effective when jewelry or valuables are to be shown. This type of display is glass enclosed and is especially effective when LED lighting and mirrors are added. A variety of glass fronts are available, including tempered glass. Tempered glass breaks into small pieces when broken and prevents any property or physical damage. This protection is especially important if the display is in a crowded area.


Choosing the right table pop up display can attract people to whatever you are trying to present. This may be something to sell, a display for a cause or hundreds of other things that are of interest to the public. This means that colors, design and other things that attract the eye must be considered. Many display companies will design the background of the display to best reflect what you are trying to present. Today’s market offers hundreds of different kinds of this type of display at a variety of prices.