Tabletop trade show displays
How to make the
best choice

When searching for the best tabletop trade show displays, standing out among the crowd is a must. In general, tabletop is a great choice when it comes to displays for a trade show because it is a middle ground between cost and quality. A proper tabletop display can properly relay your message without breaking the bank. Even if the trade show is only open to your trade and the press, remember that you want your best foot forward, so don’t allow the price to be the only deciding factor.

Types of Tabletop Displays

To get an idea of what to utilize for your tabletop trade show displays, consider first the types of displays that are available.

  • Self-packing: These are easy to transport and get around from place to place, packing up and allowing them to be reused at later trade shows by just replacing some information.
  • Folding Panel: Is light and simple; these are probably the easiest displays to set up.
  • Pop-up: Is durable if purchased from the right vendor; these displays give a more professional impression to viewers.
  • Tension Fabric: Add in an extra element with a curved display design; these cost a bit more but add depth to any presentation.
  • Workstation: Incorporate a video or PowerPoint presentation using a workstation.
  • Hybrid: Combine multiple tabletop options for a really attractive design.

Which to Choose

The industry you are in could affect the type of display that you want to use, as could your overall budget. The best bet for those looking to stand out though is to use a hybrid system. Get yourself a nice pop-up display and add in a workstation to show a new process that you developed. Or, have a folding panel with a small tension fabric in front. However you approach your tabletop trade show displays, just remember the most important thing is to be creative.

Tabletop trade show display boards

Tabletop trade show display boards are a low cost, efficient way to get a clear message across. When entering a display at a trade show, you are exposing your business great deal and showing the rest of your industry what you have been up to. By having the right display, you can really stand out from the crowd and make a clamor.

Where Should It Go?

There are many options for displays beyond tabletop trade show display boards. However, these boards can be one of the most effective centerpieces of any presentation. With that in mind, the display board should always go at the center of your trade show display. If you have a large booth, make sure that everyone’s attention is drawn to the display board.

For content, make sure not to overcrowd the display board. The key is to keep things simple so that people can understand the message as soon as they begin reading the board. Rather than trying to fit an entire message on the board, use it to attract attention so that you can present your ideas and developments.

Supplement the Board

Naturally, if a single display board is all that you have, you will not be presenting an effective message. Instead, work on getting banners, signs, a workstation or other elements that could back up your display board. The display is meant to be the center of attention, but other decorations and signs can help draw in the rest of your peers.

The truth is an interesting display will pull in the attention of well-made tabletop trade show display boards. Make sure to put the time and energy in, and use a graphic designer to put the display board together in the most appealing way possible. When it comes time for the show, this will ensure that your display really stands out.