Used trade show displaysHow to choose used trade show display?

Used trade show displays are for entrepreneurs and company representatives with low budgets for trade fairs and conventions. It is more economical to purchase already used displays since it is fifty percent cheaper than building or buying a new one. Even though it is cheap, you still have a large selection of designs to choose from.

The Important Guidelines

If you are puzzled on “How to choose used trade display”, then this article might be of great help. Just read this guidelines.

1. Check the actual condition of the product. It will not be good to display something that already looks old with wear and tear.

2. Check the warranty of your service provider. It will be a problem if you are just renting it and it breaks under your responsibility.

3. Match. The design should match the specifications of the product and the convention. If your venue is outdoors, choose a stand with a sturdy leak-proof roof.

Examples of trade show displays

– Vinyl Banners. For trade show displays that are going to be used for convention outdoor and indoors, you should consider vinyl banners. These vertical banners can be placed outside the sides of a trade fair. It can attract prospect clients to eventually encourage them to look and visit your booth inside the building premises.

– Pop-up and Table-top Displays. The portability of your booth is a big factor especially if transportation is difficult for you. Pop-up and table-top displays are good options since they are simple to set-up and take down.

– Modular Exhibits. If you are participating on trade shows on a regular basis, consider purchasing modular exhibits. Since these are light-weight panels, it can be customized to fit different shapes and sizes for the venue available.

– Brochure Racks. Consider purchasing brochure racks. In fairs like this, you only have seconds to get the attention of your prospect consumers. This will give them the option to get a brochure without having to ask for it, even for just a split second. This will give an edge to your product since they can access the basic summary of your information based on it.

There will be many competitors, so you need to advertise in the best presentable manner with your limited resources. You can do this by using used trade show displays. Aside from avoiding the big expenses of newly-made booths, you will still be able to do customization to best suit your product.

Used trade show booths

Used trade show booths are a great way to save some money and invest in your own company. If you are planning to showcase your product at a trade show from a booth, prepare yourself for a major investment. Depending on what products and features you want, you may spend in excess of $10,000., especially if you are using a large booth. If you attend many trade shows, this may be a worthwhile investment, but if you are just starting out, or if you only plan on attending occasional shows, you should seriously consider purchasing used booths and accessories.

A Smart Investment

Fortunately, there is a vast market of used booths and accessories. As people leave the industry or opt for different products, they look to make some money back on their used items. This gives you a huge opportunity for savings, as these products will go for usually a small fraction of their retail prices. Second hand trade booths are a great investment, as well as second hand equipment. Any flaws can be hidden, as most of the time your booth’s equipment will be covered in drapes, table clothes and your products and information.

Services and Dealers Are Readily Available

You can do a quick Google search and find a huge number of people looking to sell. Services on Craigslist and eBay as well as websites and dealers strictly for this niche market are readily available. Such niche services include and While you may find a better deal through an auction or classified ad, the previously listed services generally offer more products and variety.

When you are done with your trade show booth, or if you’re looking to make an upgrade, it is also worth your while to sell your used trade show booths and accessories on the secondhand market. This is a great way to make some extra money back on your investment, and help someone else just start out in the business.

Used trade show exhibits

Trade shows are a powerful way to get your company out there among other industry professionals. Used trade show exhibits can be just as effective as buying new ones. Many people underestimate the power of trade shows because they are not open to the public, but the reality is that it stills can greatly help out your company. Standing out in your industry at a trade show can go a long way in advancing the goal of your company.

Will Used Still Present the Quality?

The used exhibits can be just as effective as new ones, as long as you keep the quality of your presentation in mind. More importantly, the cost of a used exhibit will be much less than a brand new one, which will go a long way in helping you save some money. So as long as your remember the importance of quality, you can stay at the top of your game.

Remember Originality is Key

Just because you are using used exhibits does not mean that you have to be unoriginal. If you want your presentation to stand out from the crowd, it is important that you are creative in your displays. By keeping an original and unique approach, you can effectively get your message across without having to worry about the fact that your exhibit is used.

The next time you are looking to present a display, consider looking at used trade show exhibits. These exhibits can be just as good as brand new ones, and the cost will be greatly diminished. Ultimately, as long as your presentation is original and effective, you will not have to worry about the fact that you purchased used exhibit materials. Instead, go into your trade show with confidence, and know that your message will speak for itself.